Tiana Cameron

Tiana Cameron fell in love with WordPress about eight years ago. Starting in graphic design almost 13 years ago, she worked both sides of the coin, as an in-house Creative Director for an email marketing company and as a freelance web designer. Did we mention this was AT THE SAME TIME?

Crazy and hectic as it sounds (and it was at times), the combination of learning WordPress with digital marketing was mind blowing and revealing. The power! The flexibility! She found herself more excited about sharing all that she had learned with others and watching their lightbulb, a-ha moment happen than actually creating the websites for them!

In early 2016, she joined a booming Meetup group called Tech-it-Easy-with-WP, a cool group of (women!) WordPress Theme and Plugin Developers dedicated to helping business owners learn, navigate and build their own company website.

These days, she has traded her freelancer hat for a co-founder hat, starting a digital marketing fulfillment agency for mid to large size companies. She also volunteers, give presentations and works one-on-one with folks needing WordPress help. 🙂


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