WordCamp Seattle 2017 – What’s Happening This Month

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We’ve had some exciting goings-on with WordCamp Seattle 2017 prep and planning this summer! Here are a few of the things you might want to know about:

→ We’re still hot into speaker recruiting, but we’re starting to come down to the wire. There are a few more opportunities to attend Speaker Training Workshops this week. Check out the locations and times (they’re both happening this Thursday, 7/20) and see if one is happening close to you.

(Be sure to RSVP on the meetup site if you’re planning to attend one of these. The Bellingham workshop won’t happen unless at least 5 folks sign up.)

→ If you missed out on an opportunity to attend one of the awesome speaker workshops we held last month, we’ve been sharing some of the gems that came out of the sessions. Read about the 5 Myths About Speaking at WordCamp (and Why You Can Ignore Them and Apply Anyway).

→ And are you in the mood to feel like a rock star? Find out how you can experience some minor celebrity status in the Perks of Being a WordCamp Speaker.

Applications to be a speaker at this year’s WordCamp close on Saturday, 8/5. So don’t delay – get your application in soon.

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