WordCamp is Going to the Kids

KidsCamp is coming!

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but KidsCamp has been sweeping the nation at WordCamps from coast to coast over the past year or so. We are over the moon to be including it in WordCamp Seattle this year and introducing the next generation to the awe and wonder of WordPress.

KidsCamp Seattle 2016

KidsCamp is a half-day workshop taking place as part of WordCamp on Saturday, October 29th from 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm. It will be a hands-on learning experience especially for kids that covers:

  • Learning about WordPress and all of the cool things it does
  • Being safe online
  • Setting up their own site on WordPress.com
  • Changing themes and adding widgets
  • Creating posts and pages and adding images
  • Good blogging habits
  • Sharing and following
  • And way more!

You’ll need to bring:

  1. An “age appropriate” kid – 8-14 years old
  2. A laptop or tablet that can connect to the internet so they can roll up their sleeves and work during this workshop
  3. Some ideas about topics they might like to write about
  4. Some images on their device so they can practice uploading media
  5. Login ID and password for their own WordPress.com account **

** Before the workshop, please help your child create a WordPress.com account which requires an email address. If they’re younger than 13 you’ll need to do this for them.

Tickets are only $20. We’re limiting it to just 30 kiddos, so don’t miss out!

We are asking that parents stay on-site with their kiddos. This is not childcare, and you’re responsible for your kiddo. Please don’t drop and run. You are welcome to sit in on the workshop with them. Or if you prefer, get your own ticket and enjoy the oodles of other fun and informative WordPress presentations taking place that day.


2 thoughts on “WordCamp is Going to the Kids

  1. Kim Koon

    So my husband and I and our 2 girls would all like to attend. Can the girls sit in with us on the adult sessions Saturday before the kids session? We’re not sure how to work out the day, we do not have extra childcare.


    1. Nichole Betterley Post author

      Hey, Kim. I’m so excited your family is interested in KidsCamp. And ABSOLUTELY your girls can come for the full day on Saturday and sit in on other sessions earlier in the day. That’s exactly what I’m doing with my daughter. I’m just having her bring her iPad with her, but I think there will actually be some sessions she’ll enjoy, too. The Common Desk Job Postural Ailments session may not sound like a ton of fun, but along with talking about posture, Catherine will be doing a mini-Zumba sessions which I know my daughter will have fun with. So definitely bring them along!

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